Cat Daddy is a production company from Cat-Family and friends Fellipe Vergani and Maurice Erdtmann.
An unexpected Cat pregnancy brought to life the cute and instantly recognizable Badu.So lovely, she was soon claimed by Fellipe's new neighbor Maurice. This relationship between Cat Owners and Cat Babies developed into friendship and later to this production company. 
In the last few years Momo worked on different music videos as a director and cameraman as well as on livestreams, image films and filming art performances. In his free time he likes to do Graffiti, act in theatres and does writing.
Fellipe Vergani is an artist and filmmaker. Born in São Paulo, started his visual arts profession working with commissioned Studio Photography, and later with his own artistic and social projects. Has exhibited and shot films in Italy, Egypt, Brazil, Russia and is based in Germany. Has a Meisterschüler degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig. 
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